The mission of Crescent Plumbing and Heating is to offer premium quality plumbing and heating services for residential and commercial projects and services. We incorporate experienced craftsmanship and couple this with today’s state-of-art methods to provide exceptional results. Crescent Plumbing and Heating dedication and integrity to the customers is apparent has been trained to continuing with the established business ethics and reliable services.
Our goal of exceeding our clients' expectations, Crescent Plumbing and Heating has earned a reputation as an efficient, innovative, reliable and on-time contractor whose commitment to its customers is unequaled.


Leak detection and repair

Crescent Plumbing and Heating provides a unique incomparable service. It takes pride in saying that no one in New York has more sophisticated equipment than we do in the field of leak detection. The equipment is designed to find leaks, breaks and faults in underground services such as burst water pipes, blocked sewers and faulty or leaking cables, from above ground level. This service has proven to be invaluable to our clients, since we are able to accurately locate the source of the problem from above the ground, prior to any excavation being carried out. This naturally cuts down on the repair costs and limits the excavation on site.

Our services are widely used by most plumbing and insurance companies in the New York area to solve both internal and external problems. We have rendered our services throughout New York to various organizations, including mining houses, engineering firms, water boards, the Department of Water and Forestry.